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Power Pump CO2 and Nitrous Oxide Pump Refill Kit


Power Pump CO2 and Nitrous Oxide Pump Refill Kit

Power Pump CO2 and Nitrous Oxide Pump Refill Kit

BRAND: Sterling Pressure Systems - Formerly Rehvac Mfg

MODEL: Model 9545A CO2 Pump Fill Station - Model 9545C Nitrous Oxide Pump Fill Station


  • Liquefied CO2 and Nitrous refilling pump station
  • Complete System, includes pump, scale and hose set
  • Excellent for on-demand filling of cylinders
  • Patented dual action pump with 9:1 ratio, fills at rate of 8 lbs per minute
  • Momentary fill button ensures operator attention
  • "Economizer" fill valve bleeds pressure to cylinder while maintaining pressure in the pump
  • Lube free operation
  • Powered by shop air or remaining pressure in spent cylinders
  • Pump shown with optional small cylinder hanger stand. (Part number 9450)



  • Cylinder hanging stand for filling small cylinders (shown in picture) Part # 9450
  • Drive Air Kit Part #9452
  • CO2 Drive Air Kit Part # TA-02
  • Pin Valve Depressor Part # 1752
  • Pump only Part # PTF-400

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"This is the best, most robust pump i have ever used!" - Ernie Wren, Compucar Nitrous Oxide Systems

Professional grade refill pump system for trans-filling high pressure liquid CO2 and Nitrous Oxide; designed to quickly and safely fill small cylinders. The filling operator has the control necessary to safely fill small or large cylinders. Dual action pump provides rapid fill times with quiet operation. Consumes 1/5th of the drive air of the competition.


 Not for use with dewar cylinders.  


Fill times for various cylinders sizes (all at 70F ambient):

20 Oz - 14 Seconds

2.5 lb - 22 Seconds

5 lb - 37 Seconds

10 lb - 1 min 14 Seconds

Key Specs

90-140 PSI 9:1 8 LBS/MIN Liquid gases only Aluminum Body with a Nickel plated high pressure piston.


  • HVAC service cylinders
  • Nitrous Oxide cylinders
  • Paintball cylinders
  • Class 2 fire extinguishers
  • CO2 Systems & Cylinders


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